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    1. Copper PipeAmong various types of metal type products, copper tubes are most often preferred for water and gas transportation and heat transferring. Copper pipes from us are known for their high strength and excellent ductility, outstanding corrosion resistance, compatibility with multiple fluids, and finally, a high thermal and electrical conductivity.
    1. Brass PipeOur brass tubes are primarily used in water pipes, gas pipes, air conditioning pipes, refrigeration pipes, and firefighting fields due to their high strength, and outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity-even in low temperature conditions.
    1. Plastic Coated Copper PipeHailiang's plastic coated copper tubes are designed to prevent corrosion in harsh environments. The straight copper tube is covered by plastic, and features a high thermal and electrical conductivity.
    1. Copper Condenser TubeThe condenser tube is a key component of a condenser system, and is widely used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.
    1. Refrigeration Copper TubeThe copper refrigeration tube allows for a smooth flow of refrigeration fluid inside a refrigeration system, ensuring the entire system operates correctly and efficiently.
    1. Aluminum-Manganese Brass PipeAluminum manganese brass tubes use brass alloy as it is stronger than pure brass in terms of strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. This brass alloy is often used for gears, synchronizer rings, and corrosion resistant ship parts. The dimensions of our brass pipes can be customized according to specific client needs.
    1. Copper Nickel PipeOur copper nickel pipes are available in 3 grades: C70600, C71500, and C71640. Each is highly resistant to sweater, brine, organic compounds, salt, and diluted non-oxidizing acid. The outstanding corrosion resistant performance lends itself to the copper nickel pipe’s wide usage in ship building, seawater desalination, automotive piping, and industrial manufacturing fields.
    1. Level Wound Coil (LWC Copper Tubing)Level wound coils are produced using an advanced continuous casting and rolling technique. This method offers the coils a smooth and bright finish, as well as a long service life and outstanding performance, even in low temperature conditions.
    1. Inner Grooved Copper TubeThe inner groove tube features a smooth outer surface and a grooved inner surface. This ensures a higher heat exchange efficiency than traditional copper coils. These tubes are primarily used in HVAC piping systems, air conditioners, air handling units, central air conditioners and freezers.
    1. Pancake Copper Coil TubeWe produce high quality pancake coils from high quality raw materials, then pack them using blister packaging for added protection. They are widely used in air conditioners, and customers can request customized coils in terms of dimensions and logos printed on the surface.
    1. Insulated Copper TubeOur insulated copper tubes utilize high quality insulation material, and are suitable for use in nearly any household or industrial air conditioning system. Each copper tube is manufactured to meet strict international standards, and is available in both double and single insulated types.
    1. Capillary Copper TubeCapillary copper tubes are traditionally used to control refrigeration gas throughout the production of refrigerators and air conditioning units. Available in a range of wall thicknesses, (up to 1.2mm), these capillary tubes are manufactured according to EN12450 and ASTM B360 international standards.
    1. Copper FittingsWe provide a range of specifications for copper fittings, including straight pipe fittings, pipe elbows, pipe tees, P-shaped elbows, U-shaped elbows, pipe caps and copper rings. The structure and dimension of each fitting is customizable, ensuring customers are getting the right fitting for their needs.
    1. Brass FittingsHere at Hailiang, we provide a complete range of specifications for brass fittings, including compression fittings, flare fittings refrigeration fittings, PEX fittings and hose bard fittings. Further, the PEX fittings are processed with specialized equipment in order to guarantee a high precision.
    1. Copper Alloy Electrical Conduit FittingsAs the name implies, electronic conduit fittings are widely used in electronic, communications, automobiles, aerospace, and medical industries. At hailiang, our electronic conduit accessories are produced primarily from a high quality copper alloy brought in by our subsidiary in Japan.
    1. Copper Alloy Rod and BarWe provide high quality brass bars, copper bars, and copper ingots, used in a variety of applications. Users can choose from unique shapes, including round, square, hexagonal, and other customized shapes based on their needs.
    1. Copper Alloy IngotHere at Hailiang, we manufacture our copper ingots using only the purest copper, with the amounts of copper and other metal elements customized based on customer requirements. After testing the strength, elasticity, ductility, fatigue resistance, conductivity and wear resistance to ensure all factors are compliant with international quality standards, these copper ingots are suitable for different casting and synthetization processes.
    1. Copper BusbarCopper busbar is widely used in electrical field, such as transformer, switch contact, switchgear, distribution cabinet, generator unit and etc. Three continuous extrusion line has been built in the first phase of this project, achieved 20,000 MT annual capacity of high precision and high conductivity copper busbar.
    1. Copper Phosphorus Brazing AlloyCopper phosphorus brazing alloy is used in the production of copper or copper alloy components used in refrigeration compressors, air conditioners, evaporators, heat exchangers and many other pieces of equipment that handles extreme temperature variations.
    1. Silver Copper Phosphorus Brazing AlloyUsed for brazing copper and copper alloy parts. Suitable for small and medium gap tie-ins. Suitable for ample clearance tie-ins. Designed for copper and brass parts with shocking activity in air conditioning, freezers, and copper alloy tie-in electric motors.
    1. Flux Coated Silver Copper Alloy Brazing AlloyFlux coated silver copper brazing alloy is cadmium free and features a medium/high silver content with a small melting range. The brazing material features excellent capillarity and fluidity during brazing.
    1. Multi-Port Aluminum Extrusion ProfileAluminum micro-port extrusions are a new product in the Hailiang product catalogue, developed after two years of research and development. These extrusions were developed using advanced manufacturing techniques, high quality inspection devices, and the combined efforts of our R&D and sales teams. The project was carried out according to strict quality principles, ensuring the highest possible standards in terms of quality, management and service.
    1. T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion ProfileAt Hailiang, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet all customer needs for aluminum extrusion profiles with our comprehensive and efficient aluminum extrusion line. These profiles are widely used in transportation, electronics, aerospace and a variety of other industries.
    1. SCR Honeycomb CatalystSCR honeycomb catalysts consist primarily of titanium dioxide, tungsten oxide, and vanadium pentoxide. These catalysts are a vital component of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which is an emission control technique widely used in thermal power stations, chemical factories, waste incinerators, and stationary diesel engines.
    1. SCR Plate CatalystWith the dust resistance of plate type catalyst being superior to that of honeycomb type, plate type catalyst is more applicable in flue gas whose dust content is over 50g/Nm3. Being supported by stainless steel net, smeared with V205 and WO3 active substances, not easy to touch ash, highly wear resistant, and featuring low resistance and pressure reduction, plate type catalyst would be the best choice when it comes to high ash content working conditions.
    1. Copper Clad Aluminum BusbarAt Hailiang, we can provide busbars in a wide array of specifications, including every single one available on the market from other providers. To further help customers, we can also customize copper products according to specific customer requirements.