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Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloy

Copper phosphorus brazing alloy is used in the production of copper or copper alloy components used in refrigeration compressors, air conditioners, evaporators, heat exchangers and many other pieces of equipment that handles extreme temperature variations.

The brazing alloy is not suitable for bending or shock absorbing components. It can be used for brazing rings, wires, and miscellaneous copper brazing components.

Technical Parameters
Product Number Related Standard Chemical Composition(%) Melting Temperature
Cu P Sn Impurities Solid Phase Liquid Phase
SCuP-1 BCu92P
Remainder 7.5-8.5 ≤0.15 1310/710 1436/780 Close to the eutectic crystal composition, low melting point, easy flow into a small brazing seam.
SCuP-2 BCu93P
Remainder 6.8-7.5 1310/710 1472/790 Contains less phosphors, possesses better plasticity, higher melting point.
SCuP-3 Remainder 6.1-6.8 1310/710 1508/820 Contain less phosphors, possesses better plastic plasticity, higher melting point.

Copper phosphorus brazing alloy features a composition that is similar to that of eutectic crystal, a low melting point, and it flows easily into small brazing seams. It also contains less phosphors and possesses improved plasticity over other brazing alloys.

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