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Copper Brazing Alloy

    1. Copper Phosphorus Brazing AlloyCopper phosphorus brazing alloy is used in the production of copper or copper alloy components used in refrigeration compressors, air conditioners, evaporators, heat exchangers and many other pieces of equipment that handles extreme temperature variations.
    1. Silver Copper Phosphorus Brazing AlloyUsed for brazing copper and copper alloy parts. Suitable for small and medium gap tie-ins. Suitable for ample clearance tie-ins. Designed for copper and brass parts with shocking activity in air conditioning, freezers, and copper alloy tie-in electric motors.
    1. Flux Coated Silver Copper Alloy Brazing AlloyFlux coated silver copper brazing alloy is cadmium free and features a medium/high silver content with a small melting range. The brazing material features excellent capillarity and fluidity during brazing.