SCR Plate Catalyst

With the dust resistance of plate type catalyst being superior to that of honeycomb type, plate type catalyst is more applicable in flue gas whose dust content is over 50g/Nm3. Being supported by stainless steel net, smeared with V205 and WO3 active substances, not easy to touch ash, highly wear resistant, and featuring low resistance and pressure reduction, plate type catalyst would be the best choice when it comes to high ash content working conditions. We have built a new plate type denitration catalyst production line according to customers' requirements. Its annual output is 10000m3.

HAILIANG Plate Type Catalyst Specification
Iterms Index Allowable deviation
SIngle Plate Length(l) / mm 300~750 ±3
Width(w) / mm 456 ±3
Thickness(dp) / mm 0.6~0.9 ±0.1
Unit Section Length(a=b) / mm 464 ±2
Height(h) / mm 312~762 ±2
Module Width(A) / mm 954 ±3
Length(B) / mm 1882 ±3
Height(H) / mm 712~2036 ±3
Specific Surface Area/(m2/m3) 261~350 -
Aperture ratio % 85~90 -

Other specifications are available upon request.

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