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SCR Honeycomb Catalyst

SCR honeycomb catalysts consist primarily of titanium dioxide, tungsten oxide, and vanadium pentoxide. These catalysts are a vital component of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which is an emission control technique widely used in thermal power stations, chemical factories, waste incinerators, and stationary diesel engines. The strength of the honeycomb catalyst changes based on the amount of glass fiber added to the structure.

Our Advantages
Above and beyond researching and processing copper products, we pay strict attention to environmental protection activities, and as such, established Hailiang Environmental Materials Co., Ltd., with the goal of modifying the denitrification process to reduce exhaust emissions and air pollution. Each year, we produce 40,000 m3 of honeycomb catalysts and 10,000 m3 of plate denitration catalyst, and recycle 12,000m3 of metal oxides.

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