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Aluminum Profile

    1. Multi-Port Aluminum Extrusion ProfileAluminum micro-port extrusions are a new product in the Hailiang product catalogue, developed after two years of research and development. These extrusions were developed using advanced manufacturing techniques, high quality inspection devices, and the combined efforts of our R&D and sales teams. The project was carried out according to strict quality principles, ensuring the highest possible standards in terms of quality, management and service.
    1. T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion ProfileAt Hailiang, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet all customer needs for aluminum extrusion profiles with our comprehensive and efficient aluminum extrusion line. These profiles are widely used in transportation, electronics, aerospace and a variety of other industries.

At Hailiang, we provide two primary aluminum tube types: aluminum micro-port extrusions and industrial aluminum profiles.

Micro-port extrusions, also known as multi-channel tubes, are a thin walled, flat tube made from highly refined aluminum bars, which have been refined using hot extrusion and zinc spraying processes. Micro-port extrusions are a core material in micro-channel heat exchangers, as well as various pipe fittings to carry refrigerants in air conditioning systems.

Industrial aluminum profiles are made through a melting and extrusion treatment of aluminum bars. With different element proportions, the mechanical performance and applications of the aluminum profile will change. Generally, an industrial aluminum profile refers to any aluminum profile, with the exception of those used in doors, windows, curtain walls, interior decorations and buildings.