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Copper Bar & Ingot

    1. Copper Alloy Rod and BarWe provide high quality brass bars, copper bars, and copper ingots, used in a variety of applications. Users can choose from unique shapes, including round, square, hexagonal, and other customized shapes based on their needs.
    1. Copper Alloy IngotHere at Hailiang, we manufacture our copper ingots using only the purest copper, with the amounts of copper and other metal elements customized based on customer requirements. After testing the strength, elasticity, ductility, fatigue resistance, conductivity and wear resistance to ensure all factors are compliant with international quality standards, these copper ingots are suitable for different casting and synthetization processes.
    1. Copper BusbarCopper busbar is widely used in electrical field, such as transformer, switch contact, switchgear, distribution cabinet, generator unit and etc. Three continuous extrusion line has been built in the first phase of this project, achieved 20,000 MT annual capacity of high precision and high conductivity copper busbar.

As a trusted copper product manufacturer, Hailiang offers a wide array of copper bars and ingots that meet Chinese, American, European and Japanese industrial standards.

We carry out the production and development of brass bars, lead-brass bars, multi-component brass alloy bars, lead free brass bars, copper rods, copper wires and copper ingots. These products are then used extensively in refrigeration accessories, plumbing accessories, electronic components, automotive fittings, and electric hardware fields.

Classified by their materials, our copper bars are available in free-cutting brass series, a hot forged brass series, cold riveting brass series and a lead free brass series.

Each series has a distinct advantage.

Free-cutting brass: This series features an outstanding cutting and machining performance.
Hot forged brass: This series is known for its outstanding machining property, and is easy to forge under high temperatures.
Cold riveting brass: This series is known for its plasticity and cold forming capability.
Lead free brass: This series contains no harmful elements such as Pb or Cd, and features an outstanding anti-bacterial property.