Copper Busbar

Copper busbar is widely used in electrical field, such as transformer, switch contact, switchgear, distribution cabinet, generator unit and etc.
Manufacturing process:
Product properties:
Model No. Name Chemical Composition (%) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation (%) 20 ℃ DC Resistivity (Ω•mm^2/m) Conductivity (%IACS)
TMR Copper Busbar (S) Cu ≥ 99.95% ≥ 206 ≥ 35 ≤ 0.017241 ≥ 100
TMY Copper Busbar (H) Cu ≥ 99.95% ≤ 0.01777 ≥ 97

Product specifications:
Thickness: 2mm~65mm;
Width: 15mm~300mm (soft, hard, half-hard)
Thickness: 70mm~80mm; Width: 15mm~80mm(soft)

1. GBT 5585.1-2005
2. ASTM B187-2015
3. JIS H3140-2012

Three continuous extrusion line has been built in the first phase of this project, achieved 20,000 MT annual capacity of high precision and high conductivity copper busbar.

Delivery Time:
1. Delivery time for regular size products is in 3~7 days.
2. For special size products open new mold is necessary. Time for open new mold is in 5~10 days.

For anti-corrosion purpose, tin coating or silver coating is available.

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