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Copper & Copper Alloy Fittings

    1. Copper FittingsWe provide a range of specifications for copper fittings, including straight pipe fittings, pipe elbows, pipe tees, P-shaped elbows, U-shaped elbows, pipe caps and copper rings. The structure and dimension of each fitting is customizable, ensuring customers are getting the right fitting for their needs.
    1. Brass FittingsHere at Hailiang, we provide a complete range of specifications for brass fittings, including compression fittings, flare fittings refrigeration fittings, PEX fittings and hose bard fittings. Further, the PEX fittings are processed with specialized equipment in order to guarantee a high precision.
    1. Copper Alloy Electrical Conduit FittingsAs the name implies, electronic conduit fittings are widely used in electronic, communications, automobiles, aerospace, and medical industries. At hailiang, our electronic conduit accessories are produced primarily from a high quality copper alloy brought in by our subsidiary in Japan.

Here at Hailiang, we provide a wide array of copper and brass fittings for pipes used in bathrooms, water supply systems, plumbing, refrigeration, gas supply systems, medical applications, garden irrigation, and nuclear power plant fields.

We supply the following pipe fitting types:
Copper Pipe Fittings:
American standard: brazed pipe fitting, DW drain pipe fitting
Australian standard: brazed pipe fitting, compression fittings
European standard: brazed pipe fitting

Brass Pipe Fittings
PEX fittings
Aluminum-plastic pipe fittings
Aluminum-plastic compression fittings
Compression connectors
Refrigeration fittings
Gas fittings
Electronic copper fittings