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Copper Coil Tube

    1. Level Wound Coil (LWC Copper Tubing)Level wound coils are produced using an advanced continuous casting and rolling technique. This method offers the coils a smooth and bright finish, as well as a long service life and outstanding performance, even in low temperature conditions.
    1. Inner Grooved Copper TubeThe inner groove tube features a smooth outer surface and a grooved inner surface. This ensures a higher heat exchange efficiency than traditional copper coils. These tubes are primarily used in HVAC piping systems, air conditioners, air handling units, central air conditioners and freezers.
    1. Pancake Copper Coil TubeWe produce high quality pancake coils from high quality raw materials, then pack them using blister packaging for added protection. They are widely used in air conditioners, and customers can request customized coils in terms of dimensions and logos printed on the surface.
    1. Insulated Copper TubeOur insulated copper tubes utilize high quality insulation material, and are suitable for use in nearly any household or industrial air conditioning system. Each copper tube is manufactured to meet strict international standards, and is available in both double and single insulated types.
    1. Capillary Copper TubeCapillary copper tubes are traditionally used to control refrigeration gas throughout the production of refrigerators and air conditioning units. Available in a range of wall thicknesses, (up to 1.2mm), these capillary tubes are manufactured according to EN12450 and ASTM B360 international standards.

Utilizing state of the art continuous casting and rolling techniques in order to improve the overall working efficiency and stability of our copper tubes, we are able to produce copper tubes with a complete outer diameter range of 4 to 219mm. This ensures each tube can meet specific customer needs in a variety of applications.