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Copper Pipe, Copper Alloy Tube

    1. Copper PipeAmong various types of metal type products, copper tubes are most often preferred for water and gas transportation and heat transferring. Copper pipes from us are known for their high strength and excellent ductility, outstanding corrosion resistance, compatibility with multiple fluids, and finally, a high thermal and electrical conductivity.
    1. Brass PipeOur brass tubes are primarily used in water pipes, gas pipes, air conditioning pipes, refrigeration pipes, and firefighting fields due to their high strength, and outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity-even in low temperature conditions.
    1. Plastic Coated Copper PipeHailiang's plastic coated copper tubes are designed to prevent corrosion in harsh environments. The straight copper tube is covered by plastic, and features a high thermal and electrical conductivity.
    1. Copper Condenser TubeThe condenser tube is a key component of a condenser system, and is widely used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.
    1. Refrigeration Copper TubeThe copper refrigeration tube allows for a smooth flow of refrigeration fluid inside a refrigeration system, ensuring the entire system operates correctly and efficiently.
    1. Aluminum-Manganese Brass PipeAluminum manganese brass tubes use brass alloy as it is stronger than pure brass in terms of strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. This brass alloy is often used for gears, synchronizer rings, and corrosion resistant ship parts. The dimensions of our brass pipes can be customized according to specific client needs.
    1. Copper Nickel PipeOur copper nickel pipes are available in 3 grades: C70600, C71500, and C71640. Each is highly resistant to sweater, brine, organic compounds, salt, and diluted non-oxidizing acid. The outstanding corrosion resistant performance lends itself to the copper nickel pipe’s wide usage in ship building, seawater desalination, automotive piping, and industrial manufacturing fields.

Straight tubes provided by Hailiang include copper tubes, brass tubes, and copper/nickel tubes.

Copper tubes with a copper content of more than 99% feature an excellent ductility and are available in numerous shapes, based on a simple processing technique. Our copper tubes are known for their outstanding thermal conductivity and long service life. They are easy to process and weld in order to meet specific customer needs, and are extremely high quality. It is for that reason these tubes are used in refrigeration, plumbing and mechanical industries. As a primary example to an everyday user, take a copper plumbing pipe used in a household water system: the pipe is resistant to bacterial growth, ensuring the drinking water you receive out of your faucet is clean and safe. For those who are more environmentally conscious, copper tubes can last for nearly 100 years, and are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Brass tubes on the other hand are primarily made of copper and zinc. Other elements are added to special brass types in order to provide different properties to the tube, based on unique application needs. Our brass tubes are known for their outstanding corrosion resistance and bright finish. As it is stronger than copper, and usually features a bright finish, these pipes are widely used in bathrooms for decorative plumbing, sweater desalination, refrigeration and automobile manufacturing. Brass fixtures used in bathrooms generally have aluminum or tin added as an added resistance to corrosion and bacterial growth.

As the name implies, copper/nickel tube are comprised of copper and nickel, and feature an extremely high corrosion resistance. These pipes are primarily used in ship building, seawater desalination and chemical industries.