Copper Pipe

Among various types of metal type products, copper tubes are most often preferred for water and gas transportation and heat transferring. Copper pipes from us are known for their high strength and excellent ductility, outstanding corrosion resistance, compatibility with multiple fluids, and finally, a high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Drinking water transportation
Copper plumbing pipes
Central heating tubes
Gas copper tubes
Along with standard pipe products, we provide customized copper tube products according to specific customer requirements.

Technical Parameters
Thickness (inch) D (inch) 0.013"~ 0.023" 0.023" 0.031" 0.039" 0.047" 0.059" 0.078" 0.12"~ 0.16" 0.16"~ 0.22" 0.22" 0.27"~ 0.37"
1/4"~ 1/2" O O O O O
1/2"~ 3/4" O O O O O O
3/4"~ 1" O O O O O O O O
1"~ 1-3/8" O O O O O O O O
1-3/8"~ 1-1/2" O O O O O O O
1-1/2"~ 1-19/20" O O O O O O O O
1-19/20"~ 2-1/2" O O O O O O O O
2-1/2"~ 2-3/4" O O O O O O O O
2-3/4"~ 3-3/8" O O O O O O O O
3-3/8"~ 4" O O O O O O O
4"~ 5-3/8" O O O O O O
5-3/8"~ 6-1/4" O O O O O
6-1/4"~ 8-5/8" O O

Manufacturing Standards
Copper water tubes, as well as related products and joining methods, must meet strict requirements and specifications for health effects and performance. Our products meet the following:

Drinking water system components-health effects: This is the health standard for all plumbing products and materials that come into direct contact with potable water. Copper water tubes, copper fittings, as well as copper and brass plumbing valves and fixture must meet NSF standard 61. This standard specifies that the copper tube be evaluated at a pH of 6.5, rather than a pH of 5 or 10 as for other material types.

Wrought copper and copper alloy solder-joint pressure fittings: As the name implies, this specification encompasses elbows, tees and other solder type fittings used to join standard plumbing tubes together. The copper used in these products has an identical 99.9% purity as does a standard copper water tube.

Standard specification for solder metal: This specification covers solder components used to join copper tubes and fittings. Today's plumbing solder components are lead free.

Standard specification for seamless copper water tube: This specification covers copper UNS No. C12200 seamless copper water tubes that are suitable for general plumbing and similar applications, for the conveyance of fluids. It is specifically covering solder, flared and compression type fittings. This type of copper water tube is also suitable for any application as determined by the internal or external fluid pressure, installation and service conditions, as well as local requirements. The method for joining or bending are also factors that influence how this type of tube can be used.

Why Choose Us
Large Production Scale: as one of the largest copper product manufacturers and exporters over the globe, Hailiang produces 20,000 tons and exports 8,000 tons of copper products every month.
Full Product Range: our wide product range covers almost all the types and specifications on the market. We also offer dimensional customization service.
Rich Experience: for 27 years, Hailiang has been continuously devoted to the research and production of high-end copper products like copper pipes, copper bars, copper fittings, and copper conductors, etc.
Strong Financial Backing: as a subsidiary of Hailiang Group, one of the top 500 enterprises in China, the total asset of our company is 1.4 billion dollars. Power financial support means more efficient and reliable service for clients.
After-Sale Service: we have an experienced sales team to answer customers' questions efficiently

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